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Also featuring UV blocker and a blue or green handling tint. (Available for Quantum 141 material only)

  • Unique Spheric/aspheric design
  • Consistently smooth transition zone
  • Unique Spheric/aspheric design
  • Accurate corneal alignment achievable
  • Unique Spheric/aspheric design
  • Clear vision in all light levels
  • 9.00, 9.60 10.20 diameters
  • Increased fitting choices
  • As per all GP’s, central alignment and adequate edge clearance are required.
  • This is achieved by fitting 0.05mm to 0.10mm STEEPER than flattest K due to the aspheric geometry.
  • A flat fit will show excessive movement, a tendency to drop quickly in an arcing pattern, poor centration and a fluorescein pattern demonstrating excessive stand- off.
  • A steep fit will be characterised by definite fluorescein pooling under the lens centre,
  • inadequate peripheral stand- off and reduced movement.
  • Increase in diameter requires fit flattening by 0.05mm